At Royal Rahimi Interiors we know the importance of storage systems; the importance of the strength, size, and also design of the systems. We know as a business, how much a company needs to file and store, and we ourselves use many of the products available.

Storage Wall

Storage wall, by Spacestor and Torasen, is a built-in storage system which offers scope to create efficient storage systems in any office environment. It is functional and adaptable, specified at the start of a new build or during an office refurbishment, it can be reused over and over again. Additional modules can be bolted on to the system, creating organic growth and adaption for your office environment as you need it.
Combining innovative design with clever construction, this product allows every last bit of valuable office space to be used to its full potential. This enables you to create a unique and flexible working environment while maximizing all available floor space. Whether used as freestanding units to divide a room, or against existing walls, it offers a solution for every situation.
With a range of different unit styles, it integrates seamlessly with the space around it. They are individually designed to fit from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. As well as offering storage, these units can also be designed to accommodate multi-media presentation facilities


For a more universal storage system in your office, we have ranges available working with senator’s multiplex and triumph’s metrix systems which allows storage units to be freestanding, mounted on large diameter braked castors for mobility or on static glides. They can be fitted with a choice of wood system allows additional units to be added simply and without fuss when required. They can also be easily adapted either for personal or bulk storage/filing.


We know that sometimes you just want storage which does what it says on the tin, so we offer strong, sturdy storage systems. They offer a wide range of industrial storage units which can come if different heights, widths, bay sizes and strengths to accommodate and task you want them to fill. We provide Document Storage, Widespan (heavy duty), Cantilever (long loads), Pallet Racking (larger industrial requirements) and Two Tier (double your storage capacity in the same area).