Slab on Grade

Common Problems with Slab On Grade Insulation
Slab on grade is sometimes insulated with foam board – here are some issues resulting from using that insulation type:

  • Insulation damaged by rebars cages and slab construction.
  • Insulation sags or cracks when installed on uneven substrates.
  • Edges and penetrations are difficult and time-consuming to insulate, and subject to human error.

Benefits of Spray Foam for SOG Insulation

  • Easily insulates edges and penetrations – expands to fill holes.
  • Rejects bulk water.
  • Holds its strength when exposed to water.
  • Not easily damaged.
  • Takes the shape of the substrate (e.g. gravel) underneath it – substrate unevenness does not lead to insulation damage.
  • Provides a continuous air barrier to protect against moisture drive and radon infiltration.