Raised Floors / Mezzanine Floors

Installing mezzanine floors in commercial buildings has several immediate advantages, maximizing the available space being the most obvious. By utilizing the height of a building and exploiting unused vertical space at existing premises, your company could avoid relocating to a new location.

Mezzanine floors are a very cost effective option to consider when extra space is required. Storage, office accommodation, archive space, showroom space, warehousing, production facilities or clean rooms can all be accommodated on a mezzanine floor.

In addition, the flooring is classed as capital equipment so there will be the appropriate tax advantages. Finally, mezzanine floors can still be relocated at a later date and they are often not subject to local authority rating.

The floors have a wide range of column grids to suit the operations on the ground floor and are available in a choice of load ratings, access staircases, handrails, loading gates and decking, the latter including particle board, steel plate or open steel mesh. Building regulations approval is required for all such installations, which we can obtain on the clients behalf and a full “turn-key” package can be provided including all electrical and mechanical services above and below the floor as well as partitioning, carpeting, lifts and small building works.

Raised access floor systems are designed to maximize void space without compromising strength. All steel supporting pedestals have positive location or screw down features providing total stability and noise free performance. Finished floor heights from 60mm to 1200mm are standard with bespoke options available outside these ranges. Dimensional accuracy ensures that all panel grades are interchangeable, further extending adaptability.

Standard and bespoke accessories include lifting devices, ramps, steps and bridging, grills and outlet boxes, up stands and stringers. Low air leakage plenum floors for under floor air delivery are standard. Carpet tile, vinyl, high pressure laminates, stone, marble and wood – a virtually infinite range of factory applied finishes, and advice on their specification – are available.

Typical installations include commercial offices, dealing rooms, call centers, computer and switch rooms, retail sales floors, high technology centers, laboratories, schools and colleges.