We believe that integration on the cross-national level is the only way to help to developing countries to build strong economics.

Royal Rahimi offers its employees many opportunities for exercising their talents in different business areas throughout their career. Because of the wide range of businesses in which it is involved, the Royal Rahimi is able to  promote real mobility amongst its employees.

Active appraisal interviews are held throughout the year between Royal Rahimi line managers and their employees.  It  enables  them  to  review  the employee's  performance,  discuss  career  development  opportunities and  set  objectives  that  will  serve  as  a  reference  for  performance-related pay during the year in question.


Structure & BOD

Royal Rahimi has board of Directors which they are the ultimate and highest source for decision making. We adobe international management procedures that we have weekly and monthly meeting regarding the progress of the works as well as we discuss about every department needs and problems.   

Royal Rahimi personnel are our companies most valued asset. Their expertise, experience  and  most  importantly,  devotion  to  the  reconstruction processes underway in developing countries, is the cornerstone of our  success and  the main source of our  inspiration  for provision of timely delivery of projects with high quality. 

  • Business Development Dep.
  • Administration Dep.
  • Quality Control Dep.
  • Safety & Security Dep.
  • Engineering 
  • Electrical 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Architecture 
  • Communication & Computer Science
  • Production Unit
  • Other (Technicians, Operator, Team leaders, Supervisors, Surveyors, etc.)

Corporate Trainings

Relying on the understanding of "Human comes first", Royal Rahimi invests in human. Royal Rahimi provides its employees with miscellaneous regular intra-company  training  programs  and  offers  them  opportunities  to  join necessary  training,  seminar  and  congress  events  both  within  the country  and  abroad  for  the  purpose  of  enhancing  both  their  own corporate know-how and business performance.

Royal Rahimi is the leading Company of its sector also in the area of corporate training through clearly and precisely conveying targeted results to its employees, ensuring its employees to enjoy and efficiently implement their assignments and become more participative in the processes, offering them all types of business, training and organization facilities and acting as a "team" with all its employees.

Primarily  emphasizing  the  fact  of  Knowledge-based  progress  in  its training programs, Royal Rahimi adopted  the principles of utilizing knowledge and  technology  in  its  production  processes  and  after-sale  services through  researcher  and  problem-solving,  result-oriented  employees and  ensuring  continuous  customer  satisfaction  through  regular personnel and dealer training programs.