Partitioning Systems

We provide office partitioning systems that meet the needs of today’s modern working environments. Office partitions create space, and a partition is perfect for dividing work areas to provide practical workplace solutions.
Sometimes the clever use of office partitioning can give the appearance of height and increased space. Many different styles, colors and types of office partition are now available to complement your existing decor and environment and we can help you make the right choice.
When deciding on an office partitioning solution, there are a number of factors to consider:

  1. Think about what the final workspace will be used for
  2. Finishing. Office Partitions can be finished in timber veneer, glass, vinyl steel or MFC (melamine faced composite)
  3. Glass or silicon glazing. Single, double or even triple glazed partitions are available
  4. Finishing of the doors incorporated into the partitioning can be in timber veneer, glass, steel, or laminate
  5. Fire performance may be a consideration when choosing the type of partitioning.
  6. Acoustic performance. Some materials and office partition systems will provide better sound proofing than others, and therefore provide an element of privacy
  7. Strength. In some situations extra strong partitioning may be required e.g. factories
  8. Height. Lobby areas and factories often require office partitions of unusual height
  9. Whether a partition will need to be relocated at a future date
  10. Timescale of project. Some types of partitioning are more time consuming to install than others
  11. Cost

There are six main types of office partitioning currently available: composite, proprietary aluminum construction, glass, plasterboard, timber and steel. Each type of partitioning has its own benefits, summarized below:

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