K-Span Buildings

K-span is a unique building system.  Steel sheets delivered in coils are transformed by roll forming  into  arched  panels  that  form  the monologue  structure  capable  of  withstanding heavy live, collateral and wind loads without the use  of  columns,  beams  or  trusses. Clear spans up to 25 meters with arch heights of 8 meters are possible. There is no limit on the length of structures. Royal Rahimi K-span also designs and builds vertical wall K-SPAN building for special application.  These  sturdy,  economical  and  fast building  is  gaining  popularity  with  our  clients.  The  U.S  army Corp  of engineer  has  approved K-SPAN  building  for  use  in  important  projects through-out Afghanistan. K-Span  is  high  quality Pre-Painted  Galvanized Steel  Roofing, combining  low  prices with  fast  erection.  K-SPAN Building Systems refer to the first generation of Automatic Building Machines that can be used for Industrial, Agricultural, Housing, Institutional, Recreational or Commercial Building Needs. Used earlier by the US Armed Forces around the world and in over 65 countries. It is now commonplace in the Gulf area.

Usage of K-span & Our Experience:
K-SPAN  building are used  in a wide  range  of application  from  offices, barracks  warehouses, training  building,  dining  facilities,  agricultural produce storage, factories , etc. K-SPAN panels form the roof on many buildings; Straight K-SPAN panels are used as ìlost formsî in casting concrete decking. K-SPAN is a very versatile system for which new applications continue Royal Rahimi done some project successfully with standard & Clients Satisfactions. 

Cold storage, covered livestock pens, dairies, farming cooperatives, food storage, food processing, distribution and warehousing, hothouses, meatpacking plants, shade growth facilities and barns and stables.

Factories, laboratories, office parks, refineries and other processing plants, rest stops, roofing companies and warehouses, bus and train stations, constructions companies, covered storage for industrial waste and do-it-yourself retail locations.

Hangars, boat sales, covered walkways, equestrian, equipment leasing companies, livestock and breeding, maintenance facilities, market places/bazaars, museums, residential common areas, self-storage facilities, stores/storefronts, gas stations, telecommunication infrastructure coverage, vehicle dealerships and warehouses.

Public Works
Administrative buildings, dormitories, guardrails, machine shops, pumping stations and other containment facilities.

Airport facilities: hangars, maintenance facilities, baggage handling and storage, personnel processing; bus and train stations, churches, daycare centers, drug treatment facilities, elder care communities, medical centers/hospitals, meeting halls, prisons, reception, rest stops, gymnasiums, roadside storage, schools and tunnel lining.

Barracks and dormitories, base construction and reconstruction, equipment maintenance and repair workshops, stores and warehouses, border posts, aircraft and helicopter hangars, covered aircraft shelters, hardened and underground bunkers, ammunition storage, prepositioning for emergency response, sport facilities, supply depots, simulator and training buildings.

Humanitarian Aid
Clinics, disaster relief: shelters (processing, relief supplies, personnel and food distribution), storage, operational headquarters, reconstructive efforts; food distribution locales, dining and sanitary facilities, maintenance and communication hubs, homeless shelters, low-income housing and base camp facilities for support of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

Dormitories, low-cost housing.

Major global companies: housing for their workforce, hydroelectric projects, offices, oil and gas refineries, power plants, storage for equipment, support facilities; re-roofing existing structures.

Amusement park shelters, camping facilities, enclosed sport facilities: tennis courts, batting ranges, golfing ranges, ice rinks; bowling alleys, fitness centers, historic landmarks/tourist shelters, swimming pools and vacation homes.

Custom facilities, free trade zones, facilities for maritime agencies and port authorities.