General Trading

Royal Rahimi formed in 2009, has grown into a successful trading company in Afghanistan, and in Dubai, U.A.E. This is primarily a result of the sound business marketing skills of its founders, the Royal Rahimi. Headquartered in Kabul, & with branch in Dubai, initial business forays consisted mostly of general trading with neighboring nations. Alliances have grown however over the years to include Europe, USA, Middle East, Russia, and other countries such as India, and Turkey.


ROYAL RAHIMI, with its extensive international ties, has emerged as one of the largest importers into Afghanistan, and the U.A.E. covering a wide spectrum of products. Over the years, ROYAL RAHIMI has also been able to establish strong ties both with the Government of Afghanistan, and the U.A.E. and with their respective private sectors.


Afghanistan produces some of the world’s finest carpets made from excellent quality Afghan wool. ROYAL RAHIMI has tapped this local potential and through its export line has created an international demand for Afghan carpets and other related Afghan wool products. Primary markets are European nations, where demand currently overrides supply. Equally famed are Afghan fresh and dry fruits, oil seeds, and medicinal herbs, all of which are exported on a massive scale.


A few of ROYAL RAHIMI’s prime products imported include the following: Electronics, Textiles, Automobiles, Tractors, Construction & Other Heavy Machinery, IT Products & Equipments, Tires & Spare Parts, Building & Construction Materials, Garments, Quality-tested Cosmetics, and Fast-moving Consumer Goods. Office equipment, and accessories also constitute a substantial volume of sales and complete the bulk of the ROYAL RAHIMI’s import trade.


Today ROYAL RAHIMI is being regarded as one of the most reliable and highly reputed trading companies throughout Afghanistan and the U.A.E. Quality of a product is always a prerequisite and ensured at the outset, as well as a product’s relative price and consequent viability in the Afghan, and U.A.E. markets.



Apart from importing & exporting a wide range of products, ROYAL RAHIMI has also been able to acquire sole agencies for many of the products it specializes in. A few of these products include Panasonic car batteries, cigarettes, household products, and tires.