Office Furniture - Desks, Screens and Chairs

The right choice of office furniture can make a huge difference to your workspace, starting with your choice of desks and seating right up to the outfitting of your entire office. Whether you want to make an impact in your reception area and/or provide an inspiring work area for your colleagues, Royal Rahimi can help you choose the right furniture for your office.

Desks and Workstations

Different shaped desks are available to suit different office requirements and seating arrangements. For example, for an executive office, as well as the traditional rectangular desk, a crescent shaped desk or an oval desk may be the right choice. Open plan areas can accommodate corner desk, 120° desks or free flowing wave shaped desking to maximize space use. Bench desking has become very popular recently as it allows efficient space use, especially in a call centre environment.

Workstations and desks can be finished in wood veneer, melamine laminate or be glass topped. Various furniture options and accessories are available to organize individual work stations such as cable management systems and shelving systems. Extension tables can be added to executive desks for impromptu meetings.


Royal Rahimi are able to provide a wide range of seating from technical to classic styles. Our commitment is to good ergonomic and robustly designed furniture ensuring the comfort and the safety of the user. Our seating is sourced from many top manufacturers so we can address many applications and environments in accordance with specific industry and technical standards.
Office seating can be roughly divided into formal and informal types. Executive chairs, operator/task chairs and meeting room seating fall into the first category, where the emphasis is on functionality and ergonomics. There are many different options available that we can help you choose to complement your desk, workstation and office.

More informal seating can be used when you want to make an impact in your reception area or create an area for your staff to relax or have informal meetings. Whether you want to make a statement and use a quirky piece of furniture or want a classic look, reception area and breakout area seating can be a way of asserting your company’s individuality.


As open plan offices and call centers accommodate greater numbers of people, the need to control these environments increases. Screens have therefore become an essential element in office planning.

Intrusive noise and visual distractions can combine to significantly reduce the efficiency and well being of your staff. So, not only do they address the problems posed by contemporary work practices and information technology, screens can introduce new benefits. Whether they are free standing or desk-mounted, screens create and divide space.
Departments, teams, territories and individuals benefit from, and are identified by, flexible, easily relocated screening. Screens can breakdown noise thereby reducing the level of distraction. They can also be used for cable management or storage with a series of purpose built brackets.

Reception Desks

From classic designs to contemporary styles, we offer a range of reception desks to suit the small individual company and the conglomerate. Royal Rahimi are UK furniture suppliers who can provide off the shelf designs or commission a bespoke reception desk that is truly individual.

Whatever your needs, Royal Rahimi will help you choose the furniture and seating that suits your requirements. We work with a wide range of office furniture manufacturers to give our clients the best choice of furniture.

Office Redesign and Decoration

Royal Rahimi offer a complete range of decoration ideas to complete the look of your office redesign, includingoffice wallcoverings, paint finishes in a wide variety of colors and a range of special coatings and protection suitable for a variety of uses:

Office Wallcoverings

Newbury Commercial Interiors offer the most competitive paper and fabric backed vinyl office wallcoverings available within the UK. These are materials which are strong and tough with excellent tear and shock resistance, they are also fully scrubbable and able to withstand repeated cleaning. Fabric backed office wall coverings tend to be more durable, providing better wear and tear performance than paper backed products. Hence they are more suitable for high traffic areas such as corridors and stairwells.
Environmentally friendly office wallcoverings are now available which incorporate recycled materials or have low VOC emissions. New digital imaging techniques mean that high quality graphics can be reproduced from artwork or photos to create very high impact visual images.
Apart from colour, texture and pattern, you may have other considerations when it comes to choosing an office wall covering. Cleanability, durability, fire rating and acoustic performance may be factors in your particular office, and we at Newbury Commercial Interiors can help you choose the product that best suits your office interior.

Office Paint Finishes

Knowing which colours and paint finishes go together to create the image you require for your office redesign can be difficult. So at Newbury Commercial Interiors we help you choose, lending a wealth of experience and expertise.
Whether you want to achieve a pure, clean and breezy feel to your office decoration, a natural relaxed colour scheme or maybe a scheme containing soft, subtle and muted shades to give your office a cool contemporary feel, we at Royal Rahimi can achieve that effect for you.
The colours we choose from numerous paint manufacturers are carefully selected to complement each other. So you can be sure to get the right combination.

Special Coatings & Protection

At Royal Rahimi we can provide a comprehensive range of special coatings to cater for all eventualities. We can install office wall coverings that are stain resistant and/or have anti-microbial properties. Special finishes can be used to create dry-wipe (whiteboard) surfaces.
Some manufacturers produce translucent resin panels that encapsulate material such as foliage, metals or textiles to bring light, texture and colour into your workplace. These panels are especially suitable for areas where you may wish to create visual impact such as reception areas.