Spray Polyurethane Foam Equipments

The purpose of this guide is to assist those entering the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) business in the selection of application equipment. This guide discusses the equipment components necessary to spray-apply polyurethane foam as well as capacities and alternatives.

In order to properly spray polyurethane foam, the equipment must be capable of storing, pumping, heating, mixing, and spraying these two components at the material supplier’s recommended temperature, viscosity, and material ratio.
In general, five equipment elements are necessary to spray polyurethane foam:
1. Material storage and handling system
2. Material feed system
3. Proportioner pumping/heating system
4. Material Delivery hose system
5. Spray gun.

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Spray Gun

The function of the spray gun is to mix the “A” and “B” components and discharge the mixture in a uniform spray pattern. The trick with spray guns is to mix and spray out the “A” and “B” components without the mixed material reacting in or on the gun.
Different guns employ different strategies to accomplish this.

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Scissor lift

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